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Computerized Hair Analysis

With a small sample of hair (half of a teaspoon) or nails, it is possible to test more than 15,000 individual informations, with the help of a specialized computer program. This method is unique, effective, risk free and of low cost. It provides accurate results on the cause of diseases which are not visible or noticeable, enabling localized and targeted therapy/treatments.

With this method, the root of chronic diseases, which are subject to a complex system of causes, can be identified and treated. This type of testing is suitable for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The patient may be tested in person, or by sending the body’s own material, such as a sample of hair, nails, or skin. Due to the possibility of testing the body’s own material without the presence of the person to be tested, this method is especially suitable for children and animals.

Computerized analysis of hair (Fototrikogram) easily applied, non-invasive, repeatable method of hair is a follow-up.


Type of hair loss can be determined.

Degree of hair loss can be measured.

Hair density can be calculated.

Thickness of hair can be examined.

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Anagen and telogen hair rate in measurable phases.

Hair analysis of patients gives information about the status of hair.

In addition, in the light of the data obtained, to live in the near future to allow comments about hair loss.

40 times magnification to photos, planting should be done to determine which regions. Before planting and after planting in the state of the hair can be compared with photographs and numerical analysis.

Patient does not meet the hair or if you want a treatment other than cultivation; hair mainly in Mesotherapy results of medical treatment as the most reliable and objective analysis of hair can be monitored.

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