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Fat Reduction

Most of us think of our fat cells as the enemy, simply accumulating “volume” to form saddlebags, love handles, and muffin tops – basically, robbing us of our youthfulness and self-confidence. Because of this, many turn to elective procedures that focus on the elimination of fat cells – procedures like liposuction or fat-freezing techniques. However, as intuitive as this might seem, recent medical research into how fat cells actually work now tells us that this approach, in the long run, is not only ineffective, it could actually be counterproductive.


Our fat releases a multitude of hormones that affect our mood, hunger and myriad of bodily functions. A hormone called Leptin is secreted by our fat cells when we eat which, when received by our

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hypothalamus, tells our brain that we are full. When our fat cells become enlarged, the Leptin signal is constantly being sent and the hypothalamus gland which, like an overloaded breaker, switches off and stops responding to the signal so we never get the message to stop eating! In essence, the fatter we get the more out of control the cycle becomes. Even when we know we are digging our grave with our teeth, we still can’t get out of the deadly loop because our hormones are controlling our brain.


Healthy lean fat cells secrete a hormone called Adiponectin which assists the liver in processing or removing fat and toxins and our muscles to utilize insulin and keep our blood sugar down. When fat cells become enlarged they don’t produce enough Adiponectin and thus the liver becomes less efficient, muscles cannot use glucose for energy, more fat gets stored and there is an increase in blood pressure. TNF? and IL-6 are two other hormones that in a lean body regulate the immune system, control fatty acid and cholesterol production, however, obesity can lead to a surplus resulting in high cholesterol, heart disease and insulin resistance, leading to type 2 diabetes. The bottom line – Enlarged fat cells can send our entire body into dysfunction!


Lipodissolve is a series of micro-injections developed to dissolve fat deposits of the face and body. Lipodissolve was originally discovered in Italy in the early 1980’s and modified and improved in Europe in 2002 as a more effective treatment option for localized fat reduction.
Lipodissolve micro-injections target the fat deposits. When injections are done to the fat area you wish to have reduced the medications in the injections initiate the fat to gradually loosen, liquefy and finally dissolve and eliminate through the natural process.

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