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Women Hair Transplant Hair Transplant in JP nagar

Women typically don’t have these stable sites wherein balding-resistant hair follicles can be found. Unlike men, women are likely to go bald not just on the top of their head but also on the sides, back and front. All areas of a woman’s head are affected by DHT.

Note also that unlike men, women typically don’t have to deal with receding hairlines. Instead, baldness in women occurs in a more diffuse manner, with uniformly thinning all over the head. In the case of female pattern baldness, the problem is more of how much hair is left on the head than where the baldness is occurring.


Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair from the back of the scalp is taken and transplanted in the bald area. The advantages of Hair Transplant include.

At Dermasculpt we specialize in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss. Our experienced surgeons have seen all kind of indications and complications and hence poised to give best results in over 95% of the patients. Our doctors understand the need to each patient and tailor make the solutions for them not a generalized plan of action.

That said, a small percentage of women (approximately 5%) with baldness problems that can benefit from hair transplant surgery. These women tend to have areas (donor sites) in their head that have healthy hair follicles.


The Advantages of Hair Transplant

The advantages of getting a hair transplant done are quite obvious:

  • You will have hair that is back to looking natural and healthy
  • Once the hair has been transplanted, you will be able to grow it to a length that you like and you will also be able to style it in a manner that you love
  • Getting your hair back, will most certainly bring back your confidence too
  • When done properly, transplanted hair can undergo anything, including vigorous dancing, strenuous workouts, colouring sessions and even swimming

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the beauty they deserve!