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What is Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. It had been performed experimentally for about twenty years before becoming commercially available in the mid-1990s.  The efficacy of laser hair removal is now generally accepted in the dermatology  community, and laser hair removal is widely practiced in clinics, and even in homes using devices designed and priced for consumer self-treatment. Many reviews of laser hair removal methods, safety, and efficacy have been published in the dermatology literature.

Why choose laser hair reduction?

Laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair, be it from a condition that causes excess hair growth or just the desire for a new look. Most individuals will require a series of treatments over time which will result in the removal of the unwanted hair. Most of the lasers and light sources are FDA cleared for permanent hair reduction, which means reduction over time.



Some individuals will see very long term hair removal which may last for many years. Others may require maintenance treatments over time to maintain their degree of hair loss. It is truly impossible to determine in advance who will require how many treatments and how long the hair will remain gone. As stated above, laser hair removal works best in those with dark hairs on lighter skin, however newer technologies and newer lasers and light sources have made the procedure safe and effective in those with darker skin and those individuals of color.

What to expect after the procedure

Following treatment, patients should expect:

  • Redness and swelling of the hair follicle, which is a normal occurrence.
  • Pain and discomfort, which can be easily treated with over-the-counter pain medicines.
  • To be given a prescription for a topical antiseptic cream to be applied after treatment.
  • To avoid direct sun exposure for at least one week following all laser hair removal procedures.


Diode Laser

Our Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser goes through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicles; Light can be absorbed and converted into heat damaged hair follicle tissue, so that the hair can be retarded without injury to surrounding tissue. Slight heat is felt during treatment and in some places a feeling of hair pulling can be experienced.

This Hair Removal Treatment is more permanent and more effective then other Hair Removal systems on the market. The high average power, low fluency and high repetition rate pulses, slowly increase the temperature of the hair follicle containing the cells responsible for hair regrowth.

Pain Free Diode Laser is a safe, effective technology for Permanent Hair Removal. It gently removes unwanted hair on ANY SKIN COLOUR thus terminating the need for routine shaving and waxing leaving your skin looking & feeling smoother and silkier!!!

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the beauty they deserve!